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Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Whether it be a brochure, a manual, a book or even text in images you need to print or distribute to an international audience, we are equipped to ensure the consistency of your layout across multiple languages with our multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services (also known as Typesetting Services.) With our Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services, your content and images will follow a preset standard, ensuring that the ‘look and feel’ of your original message is preserved and communicated consistently across various cultural markets. 

Desktop publishing (DTP) services are a critical part of many translation projects. Components involve typesetting and layout, graphic localization to name a few. Complicated Asian and Middle Eastern languages can often provide challenges to otherwise competent DTP teams. At Aglow Language Solutions we provide in-house desktop publishing solutions in all languages and applications. Aglow Language Solutions has the applications and know-how to turn around fast, cost-effective solutions.  Aglow Language Solutions provides comprehensive Desktop Publishing services and can accept your file in any software format and deliver ready-to-publish files in any popularly used publishing software as well. Your content or translated text in any language can be adapted to both on-line and off-line publishing through our Desktop Publishing services.


Our in-house DTP professionals possess familiarity with a broad variety of subjects and special typographical needs. We have strong expertise in typesetting capabilities in the industry, which allow us to deliver almost any kind of electronic file in any format and output in character or alphabet-based languages.


We will work within your established methodologies and publishing applications in order to produce target language document translation that closely matches the format specifications of your source files. We not only provide language translation; we also provide professional assistance in designing workflows that adhere to global best practices for producing multilingual content.


Our services include:


•Text extraction for all applications & formats

•Text extraction using non-editable source (scans, hard copy etc.)

•Template re-creation for all applications & formats

•Formatting & layout, in compliance with target standards

•Graphics localization (layered or flat)

•Screenshot generation and resizing

•DTP quality assurance


Multilingual DTP service by Aglow Language Solutions means:


•Time-saving process

•Specialists in all languages

•Strict control over formatting

•Experience with both Windows and Macintosh platforms

•Dedicated Project Manager

•DTP QA (QA step)


The cost of a multilingual desktop publishing project depends on:


•Number of pages

•Language combination

•Time to complete all the stages

•The document’s format

•Additional requirements the client has