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TheLocMaters Translation Services Provides Translation and localization projects in all industries. Our highly qualified translators with specialized background of each specific-industry contributed to our gained experience in all translation fields. The need of translation and localization services for any industry, product or a service is pivotal for any cooperation that looks forward to expand its arms around the world and embrace the world languages.


Since Founded, We have been developing specific- industry teams for any emerging translation field and set high standards to ensure that the team working on your project is aware of the industry, its terminology and has the ability to solve any linguistic translation barrier while translating to his native language.   With us, the experience of addressing people with their culture and language and deliver your services or products to them is accurate and guaranteed.

We provide professional, cost-effective translation services and localization solutions in more than 95 languages and specializes in the following sectors: 

Our Translation Industries:

Automotive Translation Services

Electronics Translation Services

Software Translation Services

Industrial Translation Services

IT & Telecommunication Translation Services

Government Translation Services

Education & E-Learning Translation Services

Business Translation Services

PR & Marketing & Advertisement Translation Services

Travel & Tourism Translation Services

Literary Translation Services

Healthcare Translation Services

Medical & Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Legal Translation Services

Video Games

Financial Translation Services


We translate all kinds of materials even if your document is created in desktop publishing application such as QuarkXpressInDesign, or other format. We can localize your product and translate it into any language that you require from any potential source language.


No matter what you need translated, TrueLanguage worldwide translation, localization and interpretation services include:

  • Translation in 95+ languages
  • Experienced, centralized project management
  • Accurate, localized translation by skilled linguists with relevant subject matter expertise
  • Project-appropriate technology tools
  • Outstanding customer service

We value our clients

At Aglow Language Solutions, we value and respect our clients. We are committed to making sure each client is completely relaxed knowing that their project is in good hands. Our clients appreciate how easy it is to do business with us. Call or email us today to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Aglow Language Solutions for your translation and localization needs.